Best Metal Detector For Property Pins in 2023 – Fantastic Performance and Reasonable Price!

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Are you in the market for a quality metal detector? If so, you may be wondering which is the best metal detector for property pins. In this article, Besttechsmart will introduce you to three of the best metal detectors for this specific purpose.

Each of the metal detectors we will recommend has been specifically designed for finding property pins. They are all easy to use, and they all provide excellent results. So, regardless of your budget or experience level, you can find the perfect metal detector for property pins in this article.

Let’s get started!

1. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

If you’re looking for a metal detector that can help you find all kinds of valuable metal, the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is a great option. It can be used anywhere to search for gold coins, iron relics, and more. The Gold Digger has a motion allmetal mode and trash elimination control, which helps you find only the treasure you want. It also includes headphones for private searches in crowded places.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector, One size, Grey
  • The Gold Digger can be used anywhere to search for all kinds of valuable metal from gold coins to iron relics
  • Motion all-metal mode and trash elimination control help you find only the treasure you want
  • Identifies coin-size objects up to 6 inches deep underground, and senses larger items up to 2 feet deep
  • Includes headphones for private searches in crowded places
  • Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

2. SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer IP68 Waterproof Handheld Pin Pointer Wand

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and reliable metal detector? If so, the SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer might be perfect for you. This handheld metal detector wand can quickly and accurately target objects up to 45 inches in depth, making it a great choice for treasure hunting and other precision applications. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it in any weather conditions, and its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport.

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One downside of the SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer is that it doesn’t have a pinpointing mode. This can make it difficult to accurately locate smaller objects. Additionally, the metal detector is not as sensitive as some of the other options on the market.

Overall, the SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and reliable handheld metal detector. It’s perfect for treasure hunting, precision applications, and general use.

SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer IP68 Waterproof Handheld Pin Pointer Wand with Belt Holster Treasure Hunting Tool Accessories, Buzzer Vibration Sound (Three Mode)
  • 360 Degree Detective Probe and Optional Three Mode: SUNPOW pinpointer metal detector 360° probe design expands the detection area and reduces target loss. Three Mode - Vibration Mode(Silent), Audio Mode, Vibration And Audio Mode conversion, suitable for quiet, noisy, seabed and other different environments.
  • Full Waterproof Design: In any weather, heavy rain, even in the lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans, you can sink the pinpointer metal detector waterproof into water to find the treasures hidden under the water. Other leading pinpointer metal detector waterproof can not be completely immersed in water.
  • Deep Detection of Various Metal: Handheld metal detector wand can target the object rapidly and accurately(up to 4.5 inches )! It can detect including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and their products.It can help you achieve small-scale precise positioning that large metal detectors can't do.
  • One Button Operation, Lightweight Portable Dign: Single-button operation for Power(Long Press) and Mode Conversion(Click once). All you need to do is pressing the button and starting hunting! The length and weight of the metal detector pinpointer are only 10.5 inches and 5.3 ounces respectively.It’s a perfect gift for various people like kids, men, and seniors as Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Holiday present etc.
  • You Will Get: 1x Pinpointer, 1x 9V Battery, 1x Belt Holster, 1x Carrying Bag, 1x Retractable Hanging Wire,1x User Manual. Any problems or questions, contact us any time, we will help you solve in time.

3. Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Pinpointer, HANDHELD


  • The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Pinpointer is designed to be stylish and innovative. It is manufactured to the highest quality available, and satisfaction is ensured.
  • It is a great gift idea, and pinpointing the exact location of buried metal is easy with the audible battery strength indicator.
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  • There are no real cons to mention, but some people may find the price a bit high.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Pinpointer, HANDHELD, Black
  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available
  • Design is stylish and innovative; Satisfaction Ensured
  • Great Gift Idea
  • Pinpoints exact location of buried metal with Audible battery strength indicator

4. SUNPOW Metal Detector, High Accuracy Adjustable, Big LCD Display with Backlight

A SUNPOW metal detector is a great gift for beginner treasure hunters of all ages. This metal detector is easy to use and has a large LCD display that shows the mode, sensitivity level, battery status, and target depth. There are three modes: all metal, disc, and pinpoint. The all metal mode will notify you whenever it detects any metal, while the disc mode will allow you to discriminate against other types of metal for a specific one. The pinpoint mode will help you locate the target more accurately. The SUNPOW metal detector kit also includes a 10-inch waterproof search coil that is perfect for detecting metals in shallow water, such as on the beach or in a stream. The control box is not waterproof, however. The SUNPOW metal detector is equipped with a 33-inch to 406-inch adjustable stem, which makes it adjustable to different heights. It also has an ergonomic design that includes adjustable armrests and an antislip handle.

SUNPOW Metal Detector for Adults & Kids, High Accuracy Adjustable Metal Detector, Big LCD Display with Backlight, with Pinpoint & All Metal & DISC Mode, 10" IP68 Waterproof Search Coil
  • 【Intuitive LCD Display】SUNPOW metal detector for adults and kids owns adjustable backlight. Allows you to use this metal detector at night.The large LCD display can clearly shows the mode, sensitivity level, battery status, volume, and target depth.
  • 【9 Types of Metal Samples & 3 Operating Modes】SUNPOW metal detector kit has 3 distinct modes that allow you to effectively search for the 9 types of metal. ① All Metal Mode - The metal detector notifies you whenever it sees any metal. ② Disc Mode - You can utilize this gold metal detector to discriminate against other types of metal for a specific one. ③ Pinpoint – It can locate the target more accurately.
  • 【Humanized Design & Adjustable Stem】Equipped with 33" to 40.6" adjustable stem applicable to different height gold detector enthusiasts(adults/youth/kids). It has got an ergonomic design that involves adjustable armrest and an anti-slip handle that equips your hunting experience with comfort. Besides, we also provide one backpack, convenient to carry and store the metal detector.
  • 【10inch Waterproof Search Coil】SUNPOW IP68 waterproof metal detector works well in shallow water. This is a perfect beach metal detector, so you can detect on beach and stream. It can detect a depth of 8 inches. (Note: the control box is not waterproof).
  • 【Gift for Every Age & Thoughtful Service】This metal detector suits for both adults and kids. Super easy to use. Great gift for beginner. Any questions please contact us, we can offer video of operating commands and quality guarantee. Let's start the treasure hunting!

5. Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

When it comes to metal detectors, the Garrett ACE 250 is a popular option. This detector has a submersible search coil for finding objects in water, as well as an electronic pinpoint for easy target recovery. It also has a sensitivity control that adjusts to 8 levels of sensitivity, making it suitable for different ground conditions. The Garrett ACE 250 also has a graphic target ID cursor to help you identify specific targets, and a reject notch to ignore unwanted items.

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When it comes to finding property pins, a metal detector can be a great asset. But with all of the different models and features on the market, it can be difficult to determine which detector is right for you.

Here are five frequently asked questions about metal detectors for property pins:

1. What are the benefits of using a metal detector?

There are many benefits to using a metal detector, including:

– Finding property pins
– Finding coins and jewelry
– Finding buried treasures

2. What features should I look for in a metal detector?

When looking for a metal detector, you should consider the features that are important to you. Some of the most important features include:

– The type of metal detector (motion or stationary)
– The frequency of the detector
– The size of the detector
– The type of soil the detector will be used in

3. What types of metal detectors are available?

There are two types of metal detectors available:

– Motion detectors: These detectors are activated when they detect movement. They are ideal for finding coins and jewelry.
– Stationary detectors: These detectors are not activated by movement. They are ideal for finding property pins and buried treasures.

4. What frequency should I choose for my metal detector?

The frequency of the detector is important because it determines the type of metal the detector can detect. Most detectors have a frequency of either 6.5 kHz or 8.5 kHz.

5. What type of soil should I use my metal detector in?

The type of soil the detector is used in is important because it affects the type of metal the detector can detect. Metal detectors are most effective in moist soil.

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