How to cut nails with gel polish

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If you’re looking to give yourself a gel manicure at home, don’t skip this article from Besttechsmart. Here, we will teach you how to cut nails with gel polish.

First, you’ll need to start with clean, filed nails. Once your nails are prepped, you can begin painting them with a base coat of polish. After your base coat has dried, apply your gel polish in thin, even coats. Be sure to cure your polish under a UV or LED light after each coat to set the color. Once your final coat of gel polish is dry, apply a top coat to protect your manicure. Again, be sure to cure your nails under a UV or LED light to set the top coat. Finally, remove the sticky residue from your nails with a nail cleanser and enjoy your long-lasting gel manicure!

Things you’ll need

To remove gel polish from your nails, you’ll need to gather a few supplies. You’ll need acetone, cotton balls, foil, and a nail file. Acetone is a powerful solvent that will help to break down the gel polish. Cotton balls will be used to apply the acetone to your nails. Foil will be used to create little packets around your fingers, trapping in the heat and helping the acetone to work more effectively. Finally, a nail file will be used to remove any remaining gel polish after the acetone has done its job.

Prep your nails

If you’re doing your own gel nails at home, you’ll need to start with clean, dry nails that are free of any oils or debris. To prep your nails, start by trimming them to the desired length and shape. Next, use a nail file to buff away any rough edges and create a smooth surface. Finally, use a cotton swab or nail brush to remove any dust or dirt from your nails. Once your nails are prepped, you’re ready to start the gel nail process!

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Cut your nails

If you have gel polish on your nails, you’ll need to take extra care when cutting them. Start by gently pushing back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher. Then, use a nail file to shape your nails into a desired shape. Next, use a nail clipper to trim your nails. Finally, use a buffer to smooth out any rough edges.

Finish up

“Finish up” is the final step in the process of applying gel polish to your nails. After you have applied the gel polish and it has dried, you will need to use a top coat to seal in the color and protect your nails from chipping. You can find a top coat at most beauty supply stores. Once you have applied the top coat, you will need to cure your nails under a UV or LED light for 2-3 minutes.

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